isatphone pro satellite phone

The IsatPhone Pro provides voice communications, voicemail, text and email messaging and GPS location data. The replaceable battery life of the IsatPhone Pro is up to 8 hours talk time and up to 100 hours standby time.

The IsatPhone Pro handset: operates at -20°C to +55°C; dust, it is splash and shock resistant (IP54). The humidity tolerance for the IsatPhone Pro is from 0 to 95%.

The IsatPhone Pro is the only global handheld satellite phone to support Bluetooth, this functionalty provides easy handsfree use. The IsatPhone Pro is compatible with most Bluetooth ear pieces.

The IsatPhone Pro is easy to use, it has an intuitive GSM-style interface, a high-visibility colour screen and a larger keypad for easy dialling with gloves on.

Inmarsat provides a reliable network connection which operates over a global geostationary satellites that will be operational into the 2020s. The global geostationary satellites have significantly less possibility of dropping calls.

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IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone

IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone

IsatPhone Pro satellite phoneIsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone ServicesIsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone Features

This satellite phone is the first handheld satphone offered by Inmarsat.  Inmarsat is one of the four top satellite communications companies in the world.