is dedicated to providing information on the satellite communications industry.  the satcom industry includes a variety of hardware and services, the most common item would most likely be, the satellite phone.

a satellite phone (satellite telephone, satphone) is a mobile phone that provides voice and data connectivity via orbiting satellite(s).  your standard cellular mobile phone provides service via land based cellular towers.  while the handsets are larger than mobile cellular phones, the services provided by a satellite phone are very similar to a cellular phone.

satellite phones provide varying degrees of “global” coverage.  Be sure to view the coverage map of each satellite phone service provider before purchasing a satphone, there are some exceptions to the rule when a provider claims “global” coverage.

satellite phones have become much more economical, some are priced as low as $499 for the phone and accessories.

some popular satellite phones are the: inmarsat isatphone pro, iridium extreme 9575 and the spot global phone.

we will provide information on the various satellite phones, airtime service options and other satellite communications equipment. was launched in 2002 and has been promoting satellite phones and other satellite communication devices for over 10 years.